And then there was calm.

I always wonder how long it takes others to plan for Christmas sales. I think I actually started way back in sunny June. Is this normal? Do others do the same? Maybe I just over think it.

Well this year, as we all know, that due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, there's hardly been time to think. No sooner had plans been made and you think you had a hold on things, suddenly the rules changed. Back to the drawing board. Was it still possible to hold workshops? How many were allowed? would the chosen venue still be open? The list went on. Well it certainly tested our resolve and whether we could hold our nerve amongst all the chaos and rule changing.

This Christmas was going to be the first time I'd even considered holding a workshop but somehow and with lots of encouragment my three small workshops went ahead. Only three I know. One via Zoom and the other two in a small church hall. Still, they went ahead and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I will no doubt start thinking again next June to hold more workshops if I can and all goes well for me.

So what next? I've been busy sowing and planting for next Spring. I really want to make a go of flower growing with a view of expanding the number of customers for buckets of flowers and flower bunches direct to customers. My goal is also to expand on the number of weddings I book and funeral arrangements I make. I'm going to use as many of my own grown flowers as I can but where there are gaps, I will certainly be supporting some local flowers growers and buying from them.

I'm hoping that 2021 is going to be a positive year for everyone. For those brides that have had to postpone who knows how many times. For the ever increasing flower farmers hoping to find enough markets for the flowers they grow. For retail florists who have had an horrendous time this year, opening and closing, opening only to have to shut the door again! Of course I'm also hoping it's good to me too. As a studio florist, we have als has our challenges but by growing my own flowers I won't be quite so much at the mercy of import flowers struggling to enter the country as we've seen in the last few days.

Wishing all a very peaceful an positive New Year! Stay safe everyone.

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