Dried flowers are really on trend


When I was much younger, I didn’t really have an appreciation of dried flowers. The younger me would have said they just looked dead! 
However, fast forward to today and my new found love, appreciation and admiration for dried flowers is significantly greater. I now know the patience and care that each grower must show to be able to produce healthy, colourful stems. Seeds are sown, flowers are grown and cut at their optimum time. It’s not about some leftover flowers left to dry. 

Why do I now love dried flowers? Well it’s because I grow them myself. Don’t get me wrong my first love is fresh flowers for sure but the season can definitely be lengthened with the use of beautiful dried flowers. We are seeing an increasing number of brides opting for dried wedding bouquets and flower crowns. Of course this also allows brides to keep their treasured flowers for a very long time as a reminder of their special day. These flowers work particularly well during the winter months too. 

If you too are drawn to dried flowers for your special day or for a gift, please do get in touch. 


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