How do you feel about flowers?

It's nearly Valentine's Day. I would love to be able to offer Roses or Ranunculus in a bouquet. They look so pretty and inviting and would surely put a smile on anyone's face but they are quite simply not in season. I can see why many florists offer them because they are beautiful and look amazing in a bouquet, but the  UK is just too cold to be able to grow them at this time of the year. Therefore, all roses that are purchased at this time of the year are imported from Kenya, Ecuador or some other hot country. It's true that some farms follow the Fair Trade principles but they are still thousands of miles away which means the carbon footprint is enormous. It is also true that In Kenya, for example, cut flowers is the second largest export after tea and provides thousands of jobsthe journey to the UK is a massive carbon footprint. Around 90% of all cut flowers sold in UK are imported! Let's also not forget that in order to arrive in pristine condition, theses roses will have had many pesticides and herbicides to protect from all manner of nasties.

I have made a very conscious decision to sell either flowers that I grow myself or to buy from other bigger British flower farm growers. It'snot any easy decision to take because straight away, I have eliminated roses from Valentine's Day bouquets or vase arrangements. This in turn reduces sales unless the customer is keen to support local businesses and buy seasonal flowers. Quite frankly, If I had to rely solely on income from growing and selling flowers for only eight or nine months of the year, I would be in trouble.

I am a member of Flowers from the Farm and I am very thankful to them. It is an organisation that actively promotes British flowers and they help to raise the profile of many independent flower growers like myself in the different locations of the UK. 2021 is their 10th anniversary.

My style is like collecting armfuls of garden flowers and freely arranging them in a less formal manner. I love how stems bend and turn towards the light. I love the different varieties that are grown that are just not found in the shops and the scent of many blooms is just magnificent. I would love for you to consider buying flowers more local to you, wherever that might be. It would be my absolute pleasure to be able to sell more of my own cut flowers from this Spring onwards. So, if you are thinking getting married this Spring or Summer and large gatherings will still not be permitted, consider purchasing beautiful flowers from a grower and create your own gorgeous arrangements. If you live close to me, I'd love for you to get in touch. x

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