Posting Joy!

This year is really like no other that I can remember. Unable to see friends, separted from family members and a sense of isolation that so many are facing. I'm lucky though. I have a home, some family still around me and a job that allows me to work from home and make the things I love.

So what do I love right now? Well it's making Christmas wreaths and centrepieces of course. We've all had to adapt in the way we work and be inventive in the way we sell our products. We've just ended our second lockdown but we still must be sensible in the way we behave. Our area has now started tier 2 restrictions and I wonder if I can still go ahead with my mini wreath workshops already planned.

Sticking to the rule of 6. wearing a face covering, minimal movement, not sharing any equipment, having our own workstation is the order of the day and respecting the distancing restrictions, I believe that we can successfully run a safe workshop.

Besides, the workshops I've also decided to ship wreaths nationwide and take all possible measures to ensure they arrive safely. It is like letting your babies go out alone for the first time. My heart does skip a beat everytime one is posted but excited for my customers. This year is certainly like no other and it has also given us different opportunities too which have been a blessing!

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