Two tools I can't be without

We all have to start somewhere with our purchases and I knew that I didn't want to spend the earth at the start of my floristry journey. It's time to move up a gear.

At the start, when I didn't know much about the tools of the trade I bought Oasis Multi purpose scissors

These scissors are perfectly fine for a beginner. They do the job of cutting flowers, foliage and even thin wires. They are quite comfortable, easy to use and the colour yellow ensures they are not easily lost.

Now I'm after a different pair of scissors. I want a pair of Sakagen scissors.

These scissors are made in Japan and are very hard wearing and rust proof. They even won a ""Good Design" award. They appear to be the scissors of choice by many florists and I really like the design of these. A definite for my Christmas gift list!

As a grower too. I need a decent pair of secateurs. At the moment I'm using JE Outdoors pruning Shears 

These are fine for general pruning of stems and light branches upto 3/4" in diameter. The blade is fairly sharpe and is made of high carbon steel with antirust processing. At the height of the growing season many plants and shrubs need to be cut or shaped. The many bouquets and flower arrangements being made means that my secateurs must be ready for any job.

Now I want a different pair. I want something comfortable,strong and be able to cut through sturdy tems and thinner tree branches. I rather fancy a pair of Davaon secateurs but I still don't want to spend a fortune so these will fit the bill beautifully. Another for the gift list!

That's it . Two tools that are a must for grower florists.



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