Seed sowing has begun!

Hello there and Happy New Year!

Now let's face it, it may be a new year but honestly we must all continue where we left off. We must all take care and help stop the spread of Covid 19. It used to be that I knew someone who knew someone that had caught the virus. Now it's people I personally know who have been affected. Fortunately, noone in the family and I hope that none will be affected. The hope now of course, is that with the programme of vaccinations that has begun, we have turned a corner. To date, 2.5 million have been vaccinated. Isn't that great?

Now to be honest, I did some Autumn sowing to try and get a head start and I've had some mixed results. My Sweetpeas seem very happy and some Snaps. My Runnuculus ( I know they're not seeds) are doing very well. I put in about 20 in little pots and now I have put them out under cover and they seem quite happy despite a few nights dipping to -3 degrees. My Ammi that I sowed have not done so well so I'm going to try again with them as well as try to sow more Daucus Carota

So now I'm ready for more but January is not the month to be starting many seeds. I have sown Chillies and Aubergines and have had 100 per cent germination. I have sown another 30 Sweetpeas and patiently waiting for those to come through. Although it says you can sow things like Cleome, Larkspur, and onion seeds, I think I'm going to resist and wait for light levels to improve. I'm sure they'll catch up. My other problem of course is not having any greenhouse or polytunnel so I need to be more mindful of my sowing prep.

If you're anything like me I must check what I sow several times a day including what's in the garden. I don't why anything major should have changed within a couple of hours but there you go, I keep doing it! I do the rounds of the garden checking everything - the bulbs coming up, looking out for seedlings popping through, whether next door's cat has disturbed one of my beds again and checking if the squirrels have found any of my Tulip bulbs. But hahah! This time round I've place chicken wire on almost all of them and I can just imagine their frustration just trying to get at them. So far I've been winning.

My spread sheet is updated regularly to help me remember what I've sown, when I've sown them, where and of course the number sown. Once they come through, I record how many have germinated. I also like to record the company I bought the seeds/bulbs/corms/bare roots from. This then helps me to understand which seeds do particularly well in my garden. The new companies I'm trying this year are; Higgledy Garden Swan Cottage Flowers and Plants Of Distinction. It will be really interesting what does particularly well in my garden. Of course I'm hoping they all will.

I'll keep updating as the year progresses. How do you record your seed sowing? why not drop me a comment? I'm always keen to pick up more tips.




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