Where's the moisturiser?

This time of year is lovely. The nights draw in sooner for sure but we do like to snuggle up warm in doors. I like to put my onsie on, watch an old movie (generally a musical) with a nice cuppa in my hand. Is that something you like to do?

It's a lovely time of years also because it's wreath season. They come in different colours, textures, artificial or real, so many people like to put them on their doors. My preference has always been to have real winter foliage with all the different natural decorations such as pine cones, cinnamon sticks, the different berries and so on. I like natural products and the different smells they bring. Naturally then, I really enjoy making natural wreaths and this year is no different but my hands do suffer. They can also get quite itchy and red if I forget to wear my gloves! So using a good moisturiser is a must. I use Caimile Organics Luxury Body Butter with no toxic chemicals and scent free. It's cruelty free and vegan too. It honestly stops me from scratching and developing a rash.

Another first for me this year due to Covid, has been workshops. I wasn't planning on doing any really but I decided to go full steam ahead. My first workshop was using Zoom. That certainly was a very different experience. I sometimes forgot to show my hands whilst explaing what to do and when I quickly realised they were looking at me with puzzled faces, I quickly corrected my positioning. Luckily they are all friends and knew it was my first workshop.

The next two workshops were done together in a small chuch hall. They went much better and I realised that I do love the teaching part of wreath making. (Maybe that's the Seconday teacher in me.) I shall definitely be doing more in the future.

Well that's wreath making for this year and it's on to centrepieces next!



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